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Crafty Apps

Premium life and productivity mobile apps development for everyday's use. Our supported platforms include iPhone/iPad, Android, Apple Watch and Browser Extensions.

Crafty voice, gives the ability to do pause and continue recording, it helps to improve your voice, overall a beautiful and simple app, 5 stars.


This app is literally AWESOME!! I needed it to translate English to Italian and vice-versa, Plus I can hear the translation which helps me learn Italian. It totally works!!! And it's only $.99!! Have I said this is awesome?!?! It totally is! No other app compares, hands down.

Boston's Nana

A simply great app. So user-friendly, and so accurate, compared to others I have tried. Thank you!!


I don't know where I would be without this app. I LOVE it so much this will be my 1st app upgrade purchase (≧∇≦)

Soon 2B_Cola

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